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Comprehensive Cost Analysis

Our comprehensive analysis covers both inbound and outbound freight transportation costs. The analysis is conducted by our team of highly experienced professionals in the areas of transportation operations and management, accounting and audit and process improvement to uncover cost savings. Often management accepts the inbound freight costs as an uncontrollable expenditure.

Our analysis and final comprehensive report will outline in detail cost savings opportunities.

By using our proven freight transportation management approach and our knowledge of industry best practices, we can optimize the value of your freight expenditures. Our proven freight transportation analysis has produced freight savings in double digit percentages for our clients, and we can do the same for your company.

We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your company’s freight activities, your service needs, and your freight costs. We’ll then compare these factors to industry benchmarks, standards and best practices to find the segments of your freight transportation operations that can lead directly to cost savings and service improvements. We then prepare a strategic freight management plan designed to deliver positive results that will go straight to your company’s bottom line.

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